Speaker's FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions from speakers

If you are reading these rows you are most likely one of our speakers for DevFest Berlin 2015. If you are not then maybe next time you will be :-)

As we've received a few similar questions from you we've decided to have this list of questions and answers that could help you to add the final touches to your talk:

Conference details

How is the conference schedule set up?

We’ll be running a full conference day on Saturday with 3 tracks in parallel: Web, Cloud and Android. After each of you talked each track will end in a fireside chat with all speakers from the respective track and opens the topics up to current developments in the field and questions from the audience.

You are highly encouraged to stick around and participate.

The rough size of the expected audience?

We expect to have about 100-150 attendees per room / with a total of about 300 attendees for the whole event.

What’s the talk length?

To allow our attendees enough time for a break and switch rooms we planned all talks to end after 45 mins - this includes the Q&A. Ending a talk a little early (~30 mins) won’t be a problem as there will just more time for questions and break.

Will the talks be recorded?

Yes, we plan to have a video camera setup for every stage. (If this will work out) The talks will be recorded and published on our YouTube channel under the CC BY SA 4.0 License.

Presentation details

What’s the resolution of the projector/screen?

Every projector should be usable with 16:9 (but just in case have a 1024x768 version available). We definitely recommend you having a good contrast, preferably black text on white background sample slides as those should be looking ok (again, as a backup).

Do I need to supply slides in advance?

We highly encourage to send them as PRs to us here: https://github.com/devfest-berlin/slides This way everyone can have access to them as soon as the conference starts and we have a backup of your talk.

Can I use my own computer to present?

Ideally yes but we’ll try to have a backup available.

Do I need to supply my own adapter/presenter remote etc?

Every connector should have HDMI/ VGA connectors. Please try to bring your own adapter (and don’t forget to charge your laptop / bring a power adapter). Unfortunately we don’t have a presenter remote available so bring your own if you have one.

Do you have support for microphone / audio?

Yes, every room is equipped with a professional sound system with wireless microphones. If your presentation requires audio support please get in touch with us so we can test the setup beforehand.

Other questions

Can I bring some of my company’s swag to hand out at the conference?

No, so please don’t do it. Of course, your company can always become a sponsor and then you’ll be allowed to do so. We can send your company an email with a presentation about becoming a sponsor if you’ll provide us an e-mail to send it to.

We would also kindly ask you to send us a few details about your talk (if you haven’t done so already):

  • the intended level
  • the takeaway

If there are any further questions that we could help you out with, please let us know.

Looking forward for your talk!