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DevFest Berlin 2015 in pictures


Sweet memories of 3 days of developer awesomeness DevFest Berlin 2015 in pictures Thanks to our wonderful photographer Dana (be moody photography) we are all able to relive DevFest Berlin 2015 in pictures - over 400 to be concrete. Find all pictures in this album on Google Photos and share your favorite memories with us using the hashtag ... continue reading



The Google Maps Team is visiting Berlin #CodeTheRoad supports DevFest Berlin To celebrate 10 years of Google Maps, the team is hitting the road to meet with developers and creators who are building the new map of today. Maps have transformed the way we use technology. They connect us, elevate our curiosity, and give us freedom to explore, sha... continue reading

These will be your speakers


Schedule for DevFest Berlin 2015 has been finalized Heureka - We have a final schedule Creating a community event of this scale is not easy, especially when you are trying to fill 3 parallel tracks and workshops. Luckily we received plenty of submissions of high quality so we needed to take a little while to figure out what the best mix of top... continue reading

Ticket sale started


DevFest Berlin 2015 started ticket sale two days ago 20% of the tickets sold after less than 48 hours - WOOHOO! It’s not like we want to create a panic or anything but we already sold the first 20% of the tickets for our upcoming DevFest in under 48 hours! Early ~(‾▿‾)~ tickets are already sold out Firestarter \ō͡≡o˞̶ tickets are nearly ... continue reading

Call for Participation


GDG DevFest Berlin 2015 will be held 13-15th of November in the awesome city of Berlin. If you want to be part of this great event as a speaker you knocked at the good door. Presenters – who should speak at the DevFest Conference? developers (freelance and hired) companies developing software (apps, tools, frameworks etc.) research ins... continue reading

Hello World!


We’re very excited - not just because of the inordinate amount of caffeine based products consumed - but also because our team are putting together the final missing parts to the biggest Google related event in Berlin - GDG DevFest Berlin 2015. This year event will take place at ImmobilienScout24 like the last two times. Thanks to ImmobilienS... continue reading

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